Teaching - Cipitria Lab
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Teaching at Technical University Berlin

2020 “Biomaterials in Regenerative Medicine”, module of the masters degree at the Institute of Biotechnology of the TU Berlin

Teaching at Charité University Hospital Berlin

2019-2021 „Biomaterials in Regenerative Medicine“, PhD Introduction Course at the graduate school Berlin-Brandenburg School for Regenerative Therapies (BSRT)

2014-2018 „Biomaterials for Carriers & Scaffolds“, module “Reconstitutio ad integrum – Trends in regenerative medicine” at the Medical School of the Charité

2014-2017 “Problem-based Learning (POL)” course with undergraduate students at the Medical School of the Charité

Teaching at University of Cambridge

2005-2007 Materials Science & Metallurgy Part IA Downing College undergraduate supervisions

2005 Materials Science & Metallurgy Part II Casting Practical